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Gold Medal Winners in JSS Cricket Fest Tournament

Our College Cricket Team (Men) has won the Gold Medal in JSS Cricket Fest Tournament conducted at JSS College of Pharmacy, ooty from 29-01-2017 to 31-01-2017. Abish of First year IT Dept received the

National Conference on Research Advances in Science and Technology

Warm greeting...   We are pleased to announce our National Conference on Research Advances in Science & Technology scheduled for 26th & 27th May 2017 at Ooty - The Queen of Hill Station

Placement Drive 16th December 2016

A total number of 19 students got placed in two different companies in the Placement Drive conducted on 16th December 2016. The Management, Principal and the staff congratulate the students who g

Student Placed on 19-September-2016

A total number of 240 students got placed in different companies in the Placement Drive conducted on 19th September 2016.  The Management, Principal and the staff congratulate the students who go
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Department Facilities

Power Electronics Laboratory

The power electronics lab is one of the most well established laboratories in the department of electrical and electronics engineering equipped with all the advanced facilities worth of Rupees 14 lakhs. The lab has a carpet area of 264m² and is one of the biggest laboratories. This laboratory provides facilities for learning various power device characteristics, Ac to Dc converters, choppers,cyclo converters,PWM inverters and other power electronic circuits. For research and career development of staff and students in the key areas of power electronics simulation the lab provides facilities with PC’s and software’s like Pspice, MATLAB,ORCAD and Multisim .The students are constantly motivated to indulge themselves in mini projects as well as main projects in the field of power electronics . There is also excellent faculty strength in the field of Power Electronics to carry out research in the laboratory.


Control System Laboratory

The department has a full fledged control system laboratory with modern equipments like servomotors, synchros, position control system, controllers and compensators. The lab is also equipped with advanced computing tools like MATLAB and ORCAD.The course is designed to inculcate in students a fundamental understanding of the theory and design of modern and classical feedback control system via transfer functions and state variables. 45 Nos. of HCL PCs with Intel Core 2 Duo IV, 2.9 GHz processor, 2 GB DDR RAM, 160GB HDD 22X DVD Drive, 17” LCD Monitor are available.


Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory

 The measurements and instrumentation laboratory encompasses of various instruments for the purpose of measuring parameters like temperature, speed, torque, strain, resistance etc. The equipments have been purchased from companies like TMI systems, Mighty Electronics, SYSCON etc. The laboratory has a total area space measuring 61" * 40" and has equipment worth Rupees 14 lakhs. The laboratory is equipped with all the latest amenities, tools and Instruments that furnishes to the standards of Anna University. The laboratory is provided with PLC trainer kits, Digital Oscilloscopes, bridges, sensors and transducers that gives the students an exposure in the field of Instrumentation.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

The department has well equipped laboratories through which creative ideas are sown in the minds of the students This laboratory is established with the wide range of equipments for doing their regular laboratory experiments. The DC machines include generators and motors. The DC generators are of separately excited type and self excited type. In Induction motors, Squirrel Cage and Slip Ring type are available. Modern distribution panels (both AC and DC) are used to control the various electrical machines. The Laboratory serves the educational, research and testing requirements in the field of electric machines, electric motor drive systems, power and industrial electronics.