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B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering


To impart training with the best of teaching expertise supported by excellent laboratory infrastructure and exposure to recent trends in the industry, to ensure that the students are moulded into competent electrical engineers and worthy citizens of the country.

  • To produce competent Engineers and Professionals to meet the needs of industries in the context of Global Scenario.
  • To develop competent Electrical Engineers of high quality both in software and hardware who are capable of facing various challenges posed by other developed countries.
  • To offer updated curriculum, allowing our graduates to exploit emerging opportunities efficiently
  • To orient the students to involve themselves in various research and developmental activities.
  • To provide opportunities to simulate the real world in a lab environment using latest software tools.

About Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in the year 1998. It offers one Under-Graduate programme - B.E- Electrical and Electronics Engineering, one Post-Graduate programme - M.E. Power Electronics and Drives. Graduates and postgraduates of Electrical and Electronics Engineering are capable of handling challenging jobs in a wide range of industries and engage themselves in research and development. The department has Power electronics, Electric Machines, Control & Instrumentation, and Research Laboratories in addition to Electrical Workshop. Each laboratory is equipped with instruments and equipments for teaching, learning and research.

Faculty Description

The members of the faculty are encouraged to acquire higher qualifications at the Post-graduate level and Doctorate level. They are deputed to participate in seminars, symposia, workshops etc., to keep abreast of the vast changes and developments in Science and Technology.

Special guest lectures by senior members of the faculty, from well known institutions of higher learning, experts and professionals from established corporate and industrial houses complement and supplement the instruction and training and enrich the knowledge of students in the subjects concerned.

Pattern : Semester Pattern

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 coun councelling Theory 3

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 MA6459 Numerical Methods Theory 4
2 CS6456 Object Oriented Programming Theory 4
3 EE6401 Electrical Machines-I Theory 4
4 EE6402 Transmission & Distrubtion Theory 4
5 EE6403 Discrete Time Systems And Signal Processing Theory 4
6 EE6404 Measurement & Instrumentation Theory 4
7 CS6461 Object Oriented Programming Lab Practical 4
8 EE6411 Electrical Machines-I Lab Practical 4

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 IC6501 Control Systems Theory 5
2 EE6511 Control & Instrumentation Laboratory Practical 5
3 EE6504 Electrical Machines-II Theory 5
4 EE6502 Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Theory 5
5 EE6503 Power Electronics Theory 5
6 EE6501 Power System Analysis Theory 5
7 EE6512 Electrical Machines Laboratory-II Practical 5
8 ME6701 Power Plant Engineering Theory 5
9 GE6563 Communication Skills-Laboratory Practical 5

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 EE6611 Power Electronics & Drives Lab Practical 6
2 EE6002 POwer System Transient Theory 6
3 EE6612 Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab Practical 6
4 EE6613 PSTS LAB Practical 6
5 EE6604 Design Of Electrical Machines Theory 6
6 EE6603 Power System Operation & Control Theory 6
7 EE6602 Embedded System Theory 6
8 EC6651 Communication Engineering Theory 6
9 EE6601 Solid States Drives Theory 6

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 ee002 Project Practical 7
2 EE6007 Micro Electro Mechanical System Theory 7
3 EI6704 Biomedical Instrumentation Theory 7
4 EE2404 Power System Simulation Laboratory Practical 7
5 EE2405 Comprehension Laboratory Practical 7
6 MG6851 Principles Of Management Theory 7
7 EE6703 Special Electrical Machines Theory 7
8 EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Theory 7
9 EE6702 Protection & Switchgear Theory 7

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 PRO PROJECT Practical 8
2 EE6801 Electric Energy Generation,Utilization And Conversion Theory 8
3 GE6075 Professional Ethics In Engineering Theory 8
4 EE6009 Power Electronics For Renewable Energy Systems Theory 8

Power Electronics Laboratory

The power electronics lab is one of the most well established laboratories in the department of electrical and electronics engineering equipped with all the advanced facilities worth of Rupees 14 lakhs. The lab has a carpet area of 264m² and is one of the biggest laboratories. This laboratory provides facilities for learning various power device characteristics, Ac to Dc converters, choppers,cyclo converters,PWM inverters and other power electronic circuits. For research and career development of staff and students in the key areas of power electronics simulation the lab provides facilities with PC’s and software’s like Pspice, MATLAB,ORCAD and Multisim .The students are constantly motivated to indulge themselves in mini projects as well as main projects in the field of power electronics . There is also excellent faculty strength in the field of Power Electronics to carry out research in the laboratory.


Control System Laboratory


The department has a full fledged control system laboratory with modern equipments like servomotors, synchros, position control system, controllers and compensators. The lab is also equipped with advanced computing tools like MATLAB and ORCAD.The course is designed to inculcate in students a fundamental understanding of the theory and design of modern and classical feedback control system via transfer functions and state variables. 45 Nos. of HCL PCs with Intel Core 2 Duo IV, 2.9 GHz processor, 2 GB DDR RAM, 160GB HDD 22X DVD Drive, 17” LCD Monitor are available.


Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory

 The measurements and instrumentation laboratory encompasses of various instruments for the purpose of measuring parameters like temperature, speed, torque, strain, resistance etc. The equipments have been purchased from companies like TMI systems, Mighty Electronics, SYSCON etc. The laboratory has a total area space measuring 61" * 40" and has equipment worth Rupees 14 lakhs. The laboratory is equipped with all the latest amenities, tools and Instruments that furnishes to the standards of Anna University. The laboratory is provided with PLC trainer kits, Digital Oscilloscopes, bridges, sensors and transducers that gives the students an exposure in the field of Instrumentation.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

The department has well equipped laboratories through which creative ideas are sown in the minds of the students This laboratory is established with the wide range of equipments for doing their regular laboratory experiments. The DC machines include generators and motors. The DC generators are of separately excited type and self excited type. In Induction motors, Squirrel Cage and Slip Ring type are available. Modern distribution panels (both AC and DC) are used to control the various electrical machines. The Laboratory serves the educational, research and testing requirements in the field of electric machines, electric motor drive systems, power and industrial electronics.


Teaching & Non Teaching Staffs

# Faculty Name Qualification Designation View
1 Prof P.Sankar M.E., Asst. Professor View
2 Prof N.Sathiabama M.E., Asst. Professor View
3 Prof D.Daniel M.E., Asst. Professor View
4 Prof Shijo James B.E., M.B,A., P.G.D.B.A.,M.E., Asst. Professor View
5 Prof V.Priya M.E., Asst. Professor View
6 Prof Dan Prakash M.E., Asst. Professor View
7 Prof Surendar M M.Tech., Asst. Professor View
8 Prof R.Karthik M.E., Asst. Professor View
9 Prof Kowsalya M.E., Asst. Professor View
10 Prof Rini Gloria M.E., Asst. Professor View
# Faculty Name Qualification Designation View
1 Mr S.Kumar D.E.E.E., Lab Assistant View
2 Mr Johnson Cleferd S D.I.C.E., Lab Assistant View
3 Mr Issac A D.I.C.E Lab Assistant View
4 Mr A.Henry Christy Paul "H" Licence Holder Lab Assistant View
5 Mr D.Leonard Rajmohan I.T.I., Electrician View
6 Mr Mohan Vedamuthu E.S.C 'C' Lisence Electrical Supervisor View
7 Mr Vasudevan I.T.I Electrician View
8 Mrs S.Devaprasanna DECE Lab Assistant View