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B.E. Mechanical Engineering


To impart in depth knowledge and training in the field of Mechanical engineering covering energy, thermal, design, manufacturing, industrial management, environment and to expose to the latest research, development and techniques so as to cater to the growing needs of the Industries and to mould the students as good CITIZENS of our Country.

  • To give students a broad exposure to all areas of Mechanical Engineering and mold them to be technically competitive and place them ahead in the race for quality employment.
  • To enable the students to acquire practical experience in Mechanical Engineering discipline through design projects and opportunities to work with faculty in research.
  • To train the students and enable them to meet the technological challenges and diverse needs of industry and society in various areas of Mechanical Engineering and equip them to excel in a global industry.
  • To provide students with the fundamental technical knowledge and skills in mathematics, science and engineering to recognize and solve problems in the areas of design, thermal and manufacturing.
  • To provide students with the necessary skills and practical experience to fulfill their professional duties and responsibilities in teamwork, ethics, technical leadership, business acumen and lifelong learning.
  • To make the students be in a position to practice professionally in various positions in industry or government and succeed in graduate or other professional schools.
  • To mould the students to become future engineers, scientists, researchers, and innovators and make substantial contributions to the society of mechanical engineers.
  • To prepare the students to be successful engineers or managers meeting the global industrial requirements.
  • To make the students put constant efforts to improve the living quality of all walks of life by solving wide range of problems.

About Department

Headed by Dr.Bansal Rajkumar, this department has nearly 400 students. The Mechanical Engineering Students` Association (MESA) is responsible for the student activities of the department. The annual symposium Mexplore is held every year in the month of January/February.[6] Mexplore `06 was different from the previous editions as it included a variety of guest lectures from notable personalities in the field of Mechanical Engineering and encouraged hardware presentations of self-made projects as opposed to the usual Paper presentations

Pattern : Semester Pattern

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery Theory 4
2 ME6402 Manufacturing Technology– II Theory 4
3 ME6403 Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Theory 4
4 ME6411 Manufacturing Technology Laboratory–II Practical 4
5 ME6412 Thermal Engineering Laboratory - I Practical 4
6 CE6315 Strength of Materials Laboratory Practical 4
7 GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering Theory 4
8 ME6404 Thermal Engineering Theory 4
9 MA6452 Statistics and Numerical Methods Theory 4

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 ME6601 Design of Transmission Systems Theory 6
2 MG6851 Principles of Management Theory 6
3 ME6602 Automobile Engineering Theory 6
4 ME6603 Finite Element Analysis Theory 6
5 ME6604 Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion Theory 6
6 ME6004 Unconventional Machining Processes Theory 6
7 ME6611 C.A.D. / C.A.M. Laboratory Practical 6
8 ME6612 Design and Fabrication Project Practical 6
9 GE6563 Communication Skills - Laboratory Practical 6

# Subject Code Subject Name Type Sem
1 MG 2451 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis Theory 8
2 ME 2041 Advanced I.C. Engines Theory 8
3 ME 2036 Production Planning and Control Theory 8
4 ME 2453 Project Work Theory 8
5 ME 2452 Comprehension Theory 8


Thermal Engineering Laboratory:

The Thermal Engineering Laboratory includes Diesel and petrol engines and also test apparatus to find the viscosity of lubricants, oils and other liquids. The major experiments in their tests include calculation of the efficiencies of various types of engines and also experimenting with the efficiency of various fuels. Research work on Bio Fuels is also carried out in this laboratory. Various other equipments include a .25mx.25mx1.2m cooling tower mini test rig, 5hp 4S Single cylinder Diesel engine with 1500 rpm, slow speed 4S single cylinder engine of 8hp and 850 rpm and engines with various compression ratios ranging from 16:1, 17.5:1, etc…

Mechatronics Laboratory

The Mechatronics laboratory is one of the laboratory facilities that highlight the college from another. The lab is equipped with state of the art machinery that allows the students to get a complete knowledge on actuators that work on hydraulics and pneumatics. Various equipments include Basic Level Electro PNEUMATIC Trainer Kit with and without PLC. The PLC being a 14 point PLC working on FANUC software, servo controller open/closed system of 3000 rpm and torque of .32 Nm Ac servo motor-100watts, multi process station with flow rate 500-1000 liters with a global pneumatic control valve, PID controller interfacing set up with PF-100 RTD sensor.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

 The fluid mechanics laboratory is where the engineering students test the efficiency of pumps such as centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, gear pumps and also to test the efficiency of turbines such as the Kaplan and pelton wheel turbines. It also includes experiments that are designed to check the flow of liquid and the various losses that occur during the flow. Various equipments include a Kaplan test rig -1550 rpm turbine, discharge of 6000 lpm and head of 5m. Francis turbine with 15m head, turbine speed of 1500 rpm, centrifugal pump of.5hp, submersible pump 3hp, reciprocating pump 1 hp, pelton wheel turbine test rig with 36m head, 660 lpm discharge, turbine speed 1500 rpm and a gear pump of 2hp.

Teaching & Non Teaching Staffs

# Faculty Name Qualification Designation View
1 Dr Bansal Gnanasundaram M.E.,Ph.D., Professor & HOD View
2 Prof G.Dhanraj M.Tech., Asst. Professor View
3 Prof R.Santhosh M.E., Asst. Professor View
4 Prof N. Sivakumar M.E., Asst. Professor View
5 Prof M.Prashanth M.E., Asst. Professor View
6 Dr Faizur Rahman A M.E.,Ph.D., Asst. Professor View
7 Prof Narayanan J.K M.E., Asst. Professor View
8 Prof Navaneeth.S M.E., Asst. Professor View
9 Prof Rajkumar M.E., Asst. Professor View
10 Prof Vinoth E M.E., Asst. Professor View
11 Prof Manoj Prabhakar S M.E., Asst. Professor View
12 Prof Nijesh D M.E., Asst. Professor View
13 Prof Manoj M M.E., Asst. Professor View
14 Prof V. Boobesh Nathan M.E., Asst. Professor View
15 Prof Hubert Arockia Raj M.E., Asst. Professor View
16 Prof S. Rajesh Jaipaul M.E., Asst. Professor View
17 Prof Pradab R M.E., Asst. Professor View
18 Prof R.Senthil Kumar M.E., Asst. Professor View
19 Prof L. Shanmugan M.E., Asst. Professor View
20 Mr Poornachandran K J M.E., Asst. Professor View
21 Prof Preethi Natarajan M.E., Asst. Professor View
22 Mr R.Premodha Leonarld B.E.,(M.E) Pro-Term Lecturer View
23 Mr Rahgul Poopathi B.Tech Pro-Term Lecturer View
# Faculty Name Qualification Designation View
1 Mr Johnson Victor M D.M.E., Lab Assistant View
2 Mr Michael Prasad Kumar I.T.I., WorkShop Instructor View
3 Mr Sudhakar M Diploma in Turner Lab Assistant View
4 Mr George Premkumar I.T.I Lab Assistant View
5 Mr Shally Jose D.M.E., Lab Assistant View
6 Mr Enoch D.A.E., Lab Assistant View
7 Mr K.Prabhuraj I.T.I., Lab Assistant View
8 Mr H.Sevanan ITI., (DME.,) CNC Programmer View